Kindred Newsletter 5/22/19


Memorial Day Murph and Kindred Anniversary Party

Date and Time
Monday, May 27th from 9am-11am

Thank you to those who have reserved so far!! Last day to reserve is THURSDAY (tomorrow)!!

Memorial Day will be an extra special day! We’ll start by honoring our fallen heroes by doing “Murph”. Then, we will celebrate CrossFit Kindred’s 2nd Anniversary! We’ll have refreshments and some giveaways so please RSVP by Thurs, 5/23.



Murph starts at 9am
We will be giving away FREE Anniversary T-shirts.
*While supplies last so PLEASE RSVP

There will be snacks and refreshments.


Members who have reserved!


Adrianna Villanueva
Alejandra Candelas
Brian Conrad
Brittany Sternberg
Celia Perez
Claudia Candelas
Daniel Ju
Darlene Soto
Debbie Miller
Elsa Rodriguez
Eric Becerra
Ernest Garcia
Gabriela Hughes
Gina Garcia
Huong Nguyen
James Lee
Janet Navarrette
Jeannette Lee

Joe Mancini
John Pimentel
Joseph Mancini
Joshua Morales
Kahlil Cacabelos
Lorena Zelaya
Maria Verdugo
Minh Pham
Ricardo Zelaya
Roy Lesui
Shoaib Abdul
Tania Umana
Teresa Lin
Theresa Lesui
Thuy Tran
Tina Silva
Vanna Truong
Vincent Bell

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Saturday's Aerobic Capacity Class



SJSU Track located at 461-475 E Alma Ave, San Jose, CA 95112.

Street parking available on Alma or at the Skating Rink  on 10th.