Memberships & Pricing

Fundamentals Course

Building long-term, sustainable results starts with laying a solid foundation. Work with a designated coach who’ll take you through your Fundamentals Course and stay with you throughout your time here at CrossFit Kindred.

The Fundamentals Course covers safety and injury prevention, core stability, progressive bodyweight movements, resistance and strength training, Olympic weightlifting, mobility and flexibility, running/rowing/jump-roping technique, CrossFit methodology and theory, and nutrition.

Commit to training at least 2-3 times per week to develop the consistency, strength, conditioning, and knowledge necessary to test out and graduate to group classes. Most students need 12-20 personal training sessions before they meet the graduation requirements.

Private Training

1-on-1 Fundamentals Course

5 sessions

  • 5-Session Minimum Commitment
  • 1:1 Training with Your Personal Coach
  • Free Accounts
  • Kids’ Room Access

Individual personal training sessions are available for our students once they graduate from the Fundamentals Course.

Group Class Memberships

After successfully completing the Fundamentals Course, students continue their progress in group classes, typically with a 1:12 coach-to-student ratio. Workouts are tailored to each student’s capabilities.



  • 3-Month Commitment (with autorenewal)
  • Unlimited Group Class Attendance
  • CrossFit WOD Classes
  • Olympic Weightlifting Classes
  • Open Gym Access
  • Free Account
  • Kids’ Room Access

6 months pay-in-full – receive 15% off

12 months pay-in-full – receive 20% off

Membership FAQ

Do you offer any discounts for special populations?

We offer membership discounts for military, fire, and law enforcement officers. Contact us for more information and to schedule a free intro.

How and when will I be billed?

All membership plans are billed monthly. Payments are automatically debited using your credit or debit account of choice.

How do membership autorenewals work?

For our Unlimited CrossFit memberships, the commitment period is 3 months. At the end of every 3 months, the contract will autorenew for another 3-month commitment. If you would like to discontinue your membership, you can notify us at any time before the contract autorenews.

Our Barbell Club and CrossFit Kids memberships autorenew in the same manner, except that the commitment period is 1 month.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes. You may contact us to request a membership hold of 1 week or longer at any time. During the hold, your billing and membership will pause. At the end of the hold, any future billing and autorenew dates will be extended out for the number of days of the hold.

You may hold your membership for a maximum of 1 month total in any single commitment period.

You must request the hold on or before the hold start date; we don’t allow retroactive holds.

Can I cancel my membership?

You my cancel your autorenewal at any time by notifying us any time before your current membership commitment ends.

If you wish, you may also cancel a CrossFit membership early (before your 3-month commitment is up) by paying an early cancellation fee of $75. The cancellation date must be in the present or future; we do not accept retroactive cancellations.

If you wish to rejoin CrossFit Kindred after your membership ends, you may do so at the current rate; any previous discounts from your expired membership will no longer apply.

What is Open Gym?

During Open Gym hours, you can use our space and equipment outside of class for extra strength, conditioning, or mobility work.

Note that Open Gym sessions are unsupervised, so we require that you get the okay from our head coach Jeff Muya before you attempt any strength and conditioning work on your own during Open Gym hours.

Open Gym sessions are for active members only.

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